Investigation underway after human bones discovered at Channelview park, deputies say

CHANNELVIEW, Texas – Human bones were discovered at a park in Channelview on Sunday afternoon, Harris County deputies said. 

The bones were found around noon at Michael Moncrief Park. 

Deputies said a man who was walking his dog discovered what appeared to be a human bone in the grass. Deputies said the bones are very small and appear to be weathered. Investigators say the bones have aged and a medical examiner would have to look into the bones to determine identification.

Investigators are looking into where the bones may have come from, keeping in mind a lake is nearby. 

“There could be a multitude of reasons behind why these bones are out here and it doesn’t have to involve any foul play. We do come across similar scenes quite a few times a year in Harris County,” said Dennis Wolfford, a detective at the Harris County Homicide Division.

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