Former Pasadena councilwoman hit, killed by truck in Macro-Plaza Mall parking lot

PASADENA, Texas – Patricia Riley dedicated her life to the city and citizens of Pasadena.

Riley was District E councilwoman and served from 1991 to 1999. She also served as mayor pro tem from 1998 to 1999.

"Every Council meeting since I've been mayor even when I was on Council, she'd make them. Back In the early 9'0s when she was a council person, she got very active and was involved in everything you can imagine," said Mayor Jeff Wagner.

City Secretary Linda Rorick said she worked under Riley during her time as a councilwoman.

"She reminded me of a true southern lady, strong-willed convictions and she was funny and witty," Rorick said. 

Riley was just feet away from City Hall when she was critically injured Monday morning. Police said she was out shopping and leaving the Macro-Plaza Mall when she was hit by a truck in the parking lot.

She was taken to the hospital via medical helicopter but did not survive. Wagner says he saw the accident but didn't find out until later that Riley was the victim. 

"As soon as we left City Hall to go to a luncheon, we got the word that it was Pat Riley and just thinking about I saw her laying there, it really just touched me. In fact when I called my wife and told her, both of us were in tears," Wagner said.

The mayor's office said it has contacted Riley's family and offered to assist them with whatever they may need.

Police told KPRC that no charges have been filed in Riley's death.