Family of Belinda Temple hopes for justice in David Temple's upcoming retrial

HOUSTON – Victims’ rights advocate Andy Kahan says Belinda Temple’s family members have long waited for her husband's upcoming retrial, set to begin Monday. 

“For this family, it has been an incredible, long, emotional journey through the criminal justice system,” Kahan said. 

In 1999, Belinda Temple was found murdered in her Katy home while she was eight months pregnant. In 2007, her husband, David Temple, was convicted of her murder.

“When Temple was tried and convicted of murder the family thought they finally got justice,” Kahan said. 

But in 2016, Temple was released from prison following a lengthy appeals process. His conviction was overturned for prosecutorial misconduct. Temple was released on bond while he awaited a new trial.

Kahan said the family of Belinda Temple hopes this time around, justice will finally be served.  

“We are hoping history repeats itself and the jury comes to the same conclusion,” Kahan said.