Woman found safe after leaving behind her dog, clothes, authorities say

UPDATE: Since this writing, Roxanne Maldonado was found safe Friday afternoon around 2 p.m., according to authorities.


Struggling to handle her emotions, Sonia Lopez is worried about her sister’s safety.

"I am very worried. It’s kind of hard to keep it together. We just want to find her. We just want to know that she’s safe and make sure that nothing happened," Lopez said.

What we know

Roxanne Maldonado has been missing for nearly a week.

"We contacted all her old school friends. We put Facebook posts out ... called ... texted. Nobody seems to know where she’s at," Lopez said.

Making the family even more concerned about her disappearance are the circumstances surrounding it.

They said her phone was disconnected, but nothing was missing inside her new apartment she’d recently moved into with an acquaintance.

"You’d think if she were going to be gone for several days she would take a suitcase or change her clothes or something, but she didn’t take anything," Lopez said.

Another reason they believe Maldonado could be in danger is the dog she never leaves home without was left at the apartment.

"That was a huge red flag. That’s just not like her," Lopez said.

The family has filed a police report and has even spoken to Texas EquuSearch about Maldonado’s disappearance.

They're praying for her safe return.

"We are very very worried about you, we just need to know that you’re OK," Lopez said.

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