Road rage calls in Harris County seeing steady increase compared to last year

HOUSTON – The damage left on the windshield of Mark Geenen's truck paints a terrifying picture of how things can quickly turn violent on the road.

Geenen said he dodged a bullet while driving on the causeway bridge heading to Galveston.

“It sounded like a gunshot when it hit my truck,” Geenen said.

Geenen says all he remembers is that the angry driver was driving a black four-door Nissan truck with a rusted front hood and was angry at Geenen for tapping on his brakes.

“I tapped my brake lights to let him know that I couldn't see his hood because he was too close behind me,” Geenen said. 

Geenen said when he stopped to check his car, another witness stopped and told him she saw the driver point what looked like a gun at him. 

“If you are that mad, you shouldn't be behind the wheel,” Geenen said. 

Over the past couple of weeks, Houston roads have been the scene of road rage incidents turning violent and, at times, deadly. 

On the Fourth of July, investigators said the driver of a white SUV followed the driver of a pickup truck to a gas station after a heated argument over parking at nearby fireworks stand. 

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The driver of the SUV got out of his car and fired at the truck, setting the fireworks inside the truck on fire. Inside the truck was the driver's wife and their two children, ages 1 and 2. All four of them are being treated for severe burns.

Road rage incidents this year seemed to have steadily increased compared to last. Numbers show that in Harris County, there were 2,285 road rage calls in 2018. This year, in a period of six months, there have been 1,292 road rage calls.