Local rescue group helps animals on euthanasia list find forever homes

HOUSTON – A local rescue group is giving animals on the euthanasia list a new lease on life.

Rescued Pets Movement or RPM is transporting 150 animals to Colorado this week to help them find forever homes.

RPM specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and transport of dogs and cats that were once in danger of being put down.

This year, 4,000 dogs and cats have been rescued from area shelters and more than 37,000 have been saved in the past five and a half years.

Before the animals are taken North, they examined by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy.

The vet visit also helps prevent the spread of viruses and illnesses during the long ride to Colorado.

"While on transport, they (the dogs and cats) will be stopped and walked every four to six hours, and we have two drivers per every van, so it's a really great trip for them," said Laura Carlock, the co-founder of RPM.

RPM also takes in sick animals and nurses them back to health during the time others are moved off the euthanasia list and given the opportunity to be adopted.  

"We've helped BARC raise their save rate from 45 percent to over 85 percent in just five years," Carlock said.

Carlock said local shelters and rescues will often hold adoption events and charge only $1 to $5 for adoption fees because they need space.

In Colorado, dogs can go for $350 to $650 because of the high demand. That money is then put back into the shelter and rescue to help it operate.

RPM needs fosters and funds. If you would like to help, you can visit https://rescuedpetsmovement.org/.