Dozens in Houston protest 'inhumane' detention centers in Houston

Saly Mamdooh reporting.

There were protests across the country Tuesday, including in Houston, over what some call "inhumane" conditions at immigration detention centers. 

“These are concentration camps where kids are being held as prisoners,” one protester said. “They are desperate, they are dying and they need us.”

The protesters in Houston were educators attending a conference for social injustice. Earlier Tuesday, it was the same group with the same demands, but this time, the protest was held outside Sen. John Cornyn's office.

More than 180 protests were planned across the country.

These protests come on the heels of outrage from congressional Democrats visiting facilities, describing conditions inside detention centers as inhumane.

Rep. Joaquin Castro posted this video from a tour with congressional Democrats of several detention facilities Monday in Texas. He said women told him they weren't allowed to shower or take medications.

"One of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet," Castro said.