Marianne Williamson: 4 debate moments that made America Google her name

Courtesy of Marianne Williamson campaign.
Courtesy of Marianne Williamson campaign.

HOUSTON – Best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist Marianne Williamson’s contributions to the second night of Democratic presidential candidate debates left many Americans wondering who she was, her name trending high on Google.  

While many of the candidates debated the particulars of health care and immigration plans, the Houston native gave her thoughts on a number of topics, ranging from the entire process of how the Democrats should strategize to defeat President Donald Trump to what is hurting this country.

Here are some of the best debate moments from Williamson.

1. Talking slogans:

Williamson appeared to be talking tactics here about how the Democrats could win using the same methods as the Turmp campaign.



2. Big ideas about what’s wrong with Americans:

Williamson took on a number of topics when speaking about health care, expanding to the environment, chemicals and food.


3. New Zealand: 

She wants to call New Zealand straight away. We think it has something to do with making America a great place for children. Her accent may be muddling our interpretation.


4. Her final word: 

Williamson's closing statement certainly sounded different from all of the other candidates' final statements. Her final words also sounded like something a self-help author would say:"Love will win." But does she have what it takes to be president? That's up to you. Be sure to vote -- here's how to register.

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