Man's new BMW destroyed after teens lead police on chase

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HOUSTON – Five teens are facing consequences after they led police on a chase that ended in a crash with an innocent driver, police said.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. Friday on Green Fork Drive near the Beltway in southwest Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, officers tried to pull over a vehicle for a minor traffic violation, but the driver did not stop, leading police on a chase. 

The chase only lasted about five minutes until the driver of the car crashed into an innocent driver, police said.

Police said the driver and the four others in the vehicle were between the ages of 15 and 16. 
According to authorities, two of the teens had to be transported to a hospital and the others only sustained minor injuries.

Fahad Maniar said he has just bought the used BMW Thursday and it was ruined in the crash.

“I was just driving down … and he just came out and T-boned me,” Maniar said. “(He) just blindsided me completely and just smashed into the car.”

Authorities said they also found two weapons in the car the teens were in.

There is no word on what charged, if any, the teens will face.

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