Woman describes road rage incident in which man attempted to shoot through her windshield

HOUSTON – Early Tuesday morning, Jennifer Scott, of Houston, was driving for her life as a young man chased her down, at times shooting at her in a case of road rage.

Scott says they weren't warning shots.

What happened

"The most terrifying part was that he was trying to shoot through the front windshield," Scott said. "He wasn't just shooting at the car or in the air. He was trying to position himself to shoot me."

Houston police said just after midnight, Scott was on her way home from work when she came across two cars blocking traffic near the Gulf Freeway and Airport Boulevard.

Scott said when she honked her horn, one of the cars took off. The driver of the other car, described by police as being a black four-door sports sedan, pulled out a gun.

Shots fired

"The next thing you know, pop, pop, pop," Scott said. "Three shots were fired."

That sparked a chase down the Gulf Freeway, where speeds reached 100 miles per hour.

She said the shooter not only was trying to position himself to shoot her but also tried to box her in at times and force her off the road.

Scott's message

He finally relented when they ran into a small amount of traffic, but Scott wants the shooter to know she won't forget what he did.

"It's ridiculous that you have no regard for human life. It's disgusting," she said. "You're a coward and karma is, you know ... karma is real."

Vehicle description:

  • Black
  • Four doors
  • Sports sedan
  • Black wheels with chrome accessories

Shooter description:

  • Hispanic male
  • 19 to 22 years old
  • Short haircut
  • Medium build
  • About 5 feet, 5 inches to 5 feet, 7 inches tall

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