'We're tired of this:' 4 arrested, 3 wanted in connection with game room bust, constable says

From top-left to bottom-right: Aracely Gonzalez, Sammy Phipps, Moises Mendez, Vimalkumar Shirolawala, Gauravkumar Patel, Mehulkumar Rana and Bhavesh Joshi. (Harris County Pct. 1)

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – A money laundering investigation, spearheaded by Harris County Precinct One, netted seven people who are charged in connection with an illegal game room, officials said. 

Tejas Game Room is in the 1500 block of College Avenue in South Houston. 

The seven people have been charged with felony money laundering. Of the seven warrants issued, four people have been arrested:

  • Aracely Gonzalez
  • Sammy Phipps
  • Moises Mendez
  • Vimalkumar Shirolawala

Yet to be arrested are: 

  • Mehulkumar Rana
  • Bhavesh Joshi 
  • Gauravkumar Patel

Investigators said they believe Rana is the owner of the operation and is believed to be "in hiding."

The game room was bringing in between $60,000 to $100,000 per night and has been raided four times since 2018, officials said.

"This is a game room that steals from people on fixed incomes," Constable Alan Rosen said in a statement. "We're taking it very serious. We're tired of this.  I think the public is tired of this."