Girl attacked by pit bull at north Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON – The wounds from her attack Monday are still very evident Tuesday.

Madeisyn Brooks, 9, was the main victim of a pit bull attack.

The dog also bit one of her sisters and a man who came to her rescue. When the animal grabbed Madeisyn by her braids and started biting, she wasn't sure she would make it through the attack alive.

"I'm never going to see my family again," she said she was thinking at the time.

The first person who came to her aid was Tina Morgan.

Morgan says she was being shown the Villa Springs Apartments on Blue Ash Drive near I-45 and Ella Boulevard in north Houston by a manager when she heard commotion by the playground and saw the dog biting Madiesyn.

Someone nearby had some sort of stick, which Morgan used to hit the dog to stop the attack.

"I never would let him get a hold of her again. I just kept hitting him, trying not to hit the baby too," Morgan said. "Then, all of a sudden, some guy came and grabbed the dog by the throat, picked him up, getting bit his self, and we were able to get the baby over to the side."

Madeisyn and her mother are thankful for Morgan's actions but disappointed that a number of other adults were nearby but didn't step in to help themselves.

"If it wasn't for her (Morgan), my daughter would not be here," Madeisyn's mother Dekoven Daniel said. "You have people standing in the porch, I'm told, grown people standing on the porch, watching a dog attack your child and they have children."

Animal control took the dog away and will quarantine it for 10 days. No one has come forward to claim the animal.

Madeisyn's family said the dog also attacked and killed their kitten the day before the attack on Madeisyn.

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