'P-U!': 4-year-old Houston boy recalls moment he told off woman with 'stinky feet' on plane

HOUSTON – Rodney Small, 4, had some feelings about the woman's feet on his armrest on a recent flight home to Houston from Orlando -- and he shared them. 

In a now-viral, hilarious video, Rodney is seen calling the woman out for her poor etiquette. Like Passenger Shaming -- the popular traveler oddities website -- but with child's candidness. So refreshing.

If you haven't seen the video yet, take a minute for a belly laugh with Rodney's father, Darryl Small, who cracks up when he son starts giving the woman behind him an earful.


KPRC spoke with Rodney and Darryl Monday at the station and we were delighted by Rodney's outspokenness. 

"I shouted, Ma'am, why do you have your stinky feet on my armrest?'" Rodney said. "P-U!"

Watch more of our interview with Rodney and Darryl in the video player above.

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