Fourth grader's donation to J.J. Watt's foundation catches eye of Texans star

HOUSTON – A fourth grader from Kolter Elementary School got a pleasant surprise after writing a letter to her favorite Texans player, J.J. Watt.

Ava Silk said she decided to do a bake sale for a community service project at school. She raised $120 and promptly donated it to the J.J. Watt Foundation.

What did she make?

Ava made cookies and brownies and sold lemonade.

Why Watt's foundation?

When asked why she chose Watt's foundation, Ava said it was due to the fact that he helped the community during tough times, especially during Hurricane Harvey.

"He helped my community. He also helps other communities. He helped a lot during Harvey. He helped rebuild houses, supply meals for people and helped hand out medicine," Ava said.


When she sent the donation to the foundation, the 10-year-old included a letter to Watt.

Her letter described why she decided to put on the bake sale and also why she decided to donate the money to Watt's foundation.

"I hope this money can help change someone's life in a positive way," the letter read.

Watt's response

Watt posted a photo of the letter on his foundation's Twitter account, saying, "What a special note! No one is too young or too old to learn the value of giving back."

Nice to be recognized

Ava was thrilled to be recognized by Watt and his mother, Connie.

"It is really, really nice because he is an amazing person and he has so much to worry about. I feel really special because he recognized me. I just can't thank him enough," Ava said.

Watch the interview with Ava below or by clicking this link.