Avocados just the start: These are everyday Mexican products President Trump's tariffs would affect

Avocadoes (FreeImages.com/pat herman)

HOUSTON – Prices on many common products Americans consume may be increasing in the coming months if President Donald Trump follows through on threats to impose tariffs on Mexican goods unless Mexico slows the passage of migrants from Central America to the U.S. 

The tariffs will begin at 5% and increase to 25% in the coming months unless the president sees the results he wants. It is unclear from the White House’s remarks what those benchmarks are.

So what products will be affected by the tariffs? Here is a list of just some of the popular products that would be involved.


Avocados are just the beginning of the fresh produce that would be impacted by the tariffs, but that bowl of guacamole may cost a lot more if the tariffs are realized.

Beyond avocados, the U.S. Commerce Department notes the country imports billions of dollars’ worth of vegetables and fruit from Mexico, including lettuce, strawberries, mangoes and tomatoes, to name a few.

Beer and Wine

Dos Equis. Pacifico. Corona. Modelo. Tecate. Sol. Those are just some of the brands manufactured in Mexico that could cost a lot more at the grocery store if the tariffs are imposed. In 2018, the U.S. imported $3.6 billion in beer and wine from Mexico, according to the Commerce Department.

Cars, Tractors and other Heavy Machinery

You might not know it, but the U.S. imports a lot of vehicles from Mexico. In 2018, the country imported $93 billion worth. In addition, vehicle parts, seats, wires, cables, motors, generators, switches, generators and a number of other items would be impacted. 


Like your frosty mug of beer, your hot mug of coffee could cost a lot more if you prefer Mexican brews. However, also like beer, there is plenty of competition from other places. Countries in Africa and South America have plenty of options on the market if you’re feeling the tariff pinch.

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