7 burned rabbits found in Fort Bend County neighborhood

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – It's a crime that's being called cruel and disturbing, and now authorities in Fort Bend County are asking the public for information about a possible animal cruelty case.

Officials said about seven burned rabbits were found in the Ironwood Estates subdivision near Sundance Summit Lane.

People living in the Cinco Ranch neighborhood are asking for answers after the remains were found in a drainage ditch. The residents said the remains were found near an area where children play and people walk their pets.

"We never imagined something like this happens," Kate Yoon said.

Authorities said the rabbits were burned within the last week.

The remains were still there when KPRC2 cameras visited the site. There was also a pocketknife, the carcasses of burned fish and charred paper.

Constable Wayne Thompson said the burned rabbits could be a sign of a much bigger problem in the quiet, well-to-do neighborhood.

"Where there's animal abuse, a lot of times there's drug activity, narcotics activity, sometimes there's child abuse," Thompson said. "It seems to always have something else attached to it. And if these are kids, which doesn't make it right, these folks need some psychological help, too."

People who live there enjoy the scenery and the wildlife that populates their neighborhood. That includes the rabbits that residents said are a natural part of the neighborhood.

"We look at the little rabbits. You watch them hop around in the yard," April Fontenot said. "They're just part of our landscaping. They're beautiful."

Anyone with information is asked to call 281-238-1430 and leave a message for Sgt. Schuelke referencing case No. 19-20609.

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