'His car was behind my uncle's house': Residents react to Liberty County shooting

CLEVELAND, Texas – People in the community were shocked about what took place. Arnulfo Rodriguez rents space from the B Dependable plumbing shop. His space is right next to the company’s unit.

"I know the woman in there," he said, in reference to the woman who was shot and killed. "I used to pay rent to her and as far as I know, that's a good woman, you know, I feel bad."

He said he also knows the two men who were shot and said, "Nice guy. You can see that they're good people."

"The people involved are people I went to school with," said Jerrod Mcnary of the victims injured at the plumbing store. "It's a little upsetting. It's been a (crazy) day for sure."  

Mcnary said that on Wednesday morning, he noticed a car drive down his street, which is a dead end.

He believes it was Vido.

"He had pulled down the street and backed right out because we live (on) a dead end road, (then he) took off and we didn't think nothing about it at the time because of course, we live at a dead end road and everybody does the same thing," Mcnary said. "And then we put things together and I kind of drove around for a (little) bit just to kind of check on the neighbors and everybody." 

Mcnary said later, authorities would then find the car Vido was driving on his uncle's property. 

"We figured out his car was behind my uncle's house on the next road over there," Mcnary said. "So we knew he was there close."

Deputies searched the home and the area, but there was no sign of Vido.

It wasn't until hours later when K-9 Raider found Vido's scent, that deputies found the suspect on the property next to Mcnary. 

"They ended up finding him over here behind my great-uncle's house, underneath an old abandoned boat," Mcnary said. "They started hollering to get down or do whatever and then they crossed the fence and I realized, oh they got him. But I never heard a gunshot or anything. It could have been muffled underneath the boat." 

Mcnary said his great-uncle, who is almost 90 years old, was upset. 

"He's just really nervous and really upset about the whole thing," Mcnary said.