Surveillance video captures image of burglar possibly tied to several break-ins in Fort Bend County

RICHMOND, Texas – Two homeowners in the Aliana subdivision said someone broke into their homes through the back door last Friday.

They live in different parts of the master-planned community, and one homeowner did not have cameras, so they don’t know if the suspect is the same, but hope someone has information. 

Denny, who asked KPRC not to use his real name, lives on Colinton Drive. He, his wife and two kids went out for dinner Friday and returned home around 10:40 p.m. 

“My wife got in first and she started noticing that the back door was smashed and the glass is everywhere. She panicked and went out. That’s when we called the sheriff department, 911,” Denny said. 

His home backs up to Clodine Road. He believes the suspect jumped over the brick wall. When Denny looked at his Ring camera set up on the back door, he saw the suspect creep toward his home. In the video, the suspect appeared to be on the phone with someone.  

In his right hand, the video shows him holding a tool, possibly used to break the glass window. 

Denny said the suspect was able to take their personal safe, which had family documents, two guns, and some money. 

“They’re afraid to come out by themselves, I guess time will heal, but at this point, they kind of are traumatized,” said Denny about his kids and wife. “I felt very violated. Like your personal space you work so hard for. You wake up early in the morning, work hard and some guy just comes and takes stuff from you.”

"I feel bad for them; I'm sorry because I know what they went through,” said Nydia, who lives in Aliana. 

Her family lives on Sandalisle Lane, which is in a separate neighborhood from Denny. 

She said she and her family were out of the home between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Friday. When they got home, she noticed the place was a mess. 

At first, she thought her daughter had pulled some items out earlier, but then realized that wasn’t the case. 

“Something is not right, so I looked at my bedroom, I just took a glance at the door and I saw all my drawers on the floor and everything was just on the floor,” said Nydia, who also asked that her last name not be used. 

That’s when she noticed the back door. 

“They went in the back door, there was a window. They broke the window,  they came in the bottom part of that window. They went straight to the alarm battery, disconnected the battery and also the internet went off suddenly in the house at the time that they were here,” she explained. 

“They did take watches, jewelry, accessories, like sunglasses, belts, just jewelry and small things,” Nydia said. She said some items were from her kids' christening. She said the thief or thieves took a pillowcase from their home and put all the items in it. 

“You always think, you know, ‘Oh I hope nothing like this happens,’ and I really hope nothing like this would happen to us and I don’t want anybody to go through this. It just feels awful,” Nydia said. 

She said they did not have surveillance cameras, so it’s not clear if it was the same suspect who entered Denny’s home.  Nydia said the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office was able to take fingerprints. 

Denny said he hopes someone recognizes the clear image of the suspect. 

Anyone with information should call Fort Bend County Crimes Stoppers 281-342-TIPS (8477)  or the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office at 281-341-4735.