Things to know for summer: How to avoid, survive rip current


HOUSTON – Many families and other people will hit the beach this summer in Houston, but unaware of the high risk warnings that can cost someone their life.

Drownings occur often during summer time and rip currents can be the cause of tragic beach incidents.

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The National Weather Service has released a list of beach safely tips on how to avoid and survive a rip current. A rip current are fast-moving rips of water that can pull even the strongest swimmer away from shore and can occur at any time, according to the U.S Lifesaving Association.

KPRC2 meteorologist Britta Merwin has provided a graphic warning about high rip currents through Tuesday.

Merwin said weak swimmers are advised to stay out of water or swim near a lifeguard. She said if a person is caught in a rip current, the first thing to is stay calm, ride it out, swim parallel to the shore and out of the rip and then swim toward shore. 

Meteorologist Justin Stapleton explains what are rip currents

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