Seniors living in three-story apartment complex without working elevators

HOUSTON – Residents at a senior living apartment complex said they’re worried for their safety because elevators in two buildings have not worked for more than a week.

Primrose Del Sol Senior Apartment Living, located at 131 Aldine Bender Road, houses people age 55 and older. Many people who live on the second and third floors have trouble walking, or rely on scooters, walkers and wheelchairs.

“We can’t run up and down stairs like younger people, this is 55 and up,” explained 65-year-old Dennis Dials, who has lived at the complex for six years. “We are paying this kind of money, we are supposed to have our elevator service fixed right away.”

He said Wednesday makes it nine days since the elevator in his building has not worked.

“My main concern is you got older people here who got breathing problems -- like, I have breathing problems and getting up and down these stairs is bad for us. Especially with my arthritis ... I have messed up legs, I have to get two surgeries done,” Dials said. “It’s been hard, you know, dealing with that elevator. It’s hard on me.”

Neighbors received a letter on Monday stating the elevators were down in buildings one, two and six, and it was unclear when they would be fixed.

“Look, this light is supposed to come on ... nothing,” said Roberta Nelms, who said she provides home health care to several people at the complex. “There’s a lot of veterans in here that served for our country and this is what they get? It’s not right.”

Wednesday afternoon several firefighters with the Houston Fire Department were called to building number two to help a person get back up to their apartment. The firefighters used a stair chair to assist the person.

Another big concern is what would happen to residents who need assistance if there was a fire.

“I do home health and my patient just got out of the hospital the day before yesterday and had to climb up three flights of stairs because he’s on the third floor and his leg went out and I had to carry him up,” Nelms said. “Just yesterday one of my associates was admitted in the hospital because she had some concerns walking down the stairs.”

KPRC2 called and visited the front office of Primrose Del Sol Apartments. Workers said corporate would be in contact. KPRC2 also contacted the management company, called Good Harbor Management based in Colorado. We are waiting to hear back.