Progress made in elevator repairs at senior living complex

HOUSTON – After a week of not working, the elevator at a senior living apartment complex is back up and running, but more repairs are needed for other elevators. 

Residents at Primrose Del Sol Senior Apartment Living, located at 131 Aldine Bender Rd., reached out to KPRC due to the lack of working elevators. 

Neighbors received letters on Monday stating the elevators were still not functioning in buildings one, two and six, and it was unclear when they would work again. 

When KPRC went to investigate on Wednesday, building six worked, but the elevators in one and two did not.  

On Thursday, a maintenance worker and someone from the front office said the elevator in building one was fixed. An outside contractor repaired it on Thursday. 

“Oh haleliujah, praise God,” said Beverly McKenny, who lives on the third floor.  “I’m a heart patient and its very hard for me to climb three flights of stairs, it’s really been a task for me.” 

“I’m glad that they are fixed. Like I said, the three years I’ve been here, this has been the longest,” McKenny said about the length of how long the elevator was not operating. 

But people in building two are still without elevator service. 

“They need to hurry up and do it , because there are some people that can’t walk at all and their wheel chair is on the third floor, so take flights of stairs,” said Wanda Lastrape who uses a walker herself. 

Lastrape lives on the third floor and was cooped up in her apartment for a week because she said she didn’t want to climb up and down the stairs.

On Thursday, however, she took a chance. 

“I just folded my walker up and tried to make it down. I did make it down, thank God,” said Lastrape.  

Wednesday afternoon, several firefighters with the Houston Fire Department were called to building two to help a person get back up to their apartment.   The firefighters used a stair chair to assist the person.

Another big concern is what would happen to residents who need assistance if there was a fire. 

KPRC reached out to Good Harbor Management LLC, a Colorado based company, for comment, but did not hear back on Wednesday or Thursday.