Pamela Turner memorial service held with Rev. Sharpton delivering eulogy

BAYTOWN, Texas – Pamela Turner, the woman who was shot and killed by a Baytown police officer earlier last week, is being honored by family and friends Thursday at a memorial service.

"It's really hard for us right now but I know she's looking down," said Turner's daughter, Chelsie Rubin. "She came to everything that I had at school, choir events, band... anything. She was there." 

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy at the Lilly Grove Baptist Church. 

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee also spoke at the service, calling for a Department of Justice investigation.

"Pamela did not have to die and we will tell her story so that it will never happen again," she said.

Turner will be laid to rest Thursday afternoon at Rose Hill Cemetery.

A prayer vigil is scheduled for Thursday night.

VIDEO: Rev. Sharpton speaks at Pamela Turner's funeral

Police said an officer on May 13 was attempting to arrest Turner on an outstanding warrant when they began to struggle.

Police said the officer used his Taser on Turner, but she was able to take the Taser away from the officer. Police said the officer then fired several times.

Witnesses record deadly officer-involved shooting in Baytown
Editor's note: Because of its graphic nature, the video below has been edited.

The police officer was identified as Juan Delacruz.

Video of the encounter showed Delacruz, who police said had prior dealings with Turner, fired at least five shots. Turner was hit multiple times, police said.

"This was purposely done," said Chelsie Rubin, Turner's daughter.

According to the independent autopsy, Turner was shot three times -- in her cheek, her chest and her abdomen. The latter two were fatal.

The shot to the face left Turner unrecognizable, Crump said.

The autopsy confirmed that Turner was not pregnant, despite her yelling that at Delacruz during the struggle.

The report also concluded Delacruz shot Turner from a distance, due to a lack of gunpowder residue on her body.

Delacruz backing up is significant, the family said, stressing it confirms Turner's shooting was unjustified.

"The amount of distance between the two, there was no fear or danger or threat that my mom posed to this man, and he took her life," Rubin said.

Family and friends of Turner said Turner battled schizophrenia. They said the Baytown Police Department was aware of Turner's diagnoses.

The Texas Rangers are taking over the investigation.

Delacruz is back in the office in an administrative capacity pending the outcome of the investigation.