How the community is remembering Santa Fe High School shooting victims

SANTA FE, Texas – A year has passed since the tragic Santa Fe High School shooting that claimed the lives of 10 people, among them Pamela Stanich's son, Jared Conard. 

“Every day is the same day, you live it over and over again. On Saturday is just another day, it's no different than another day no different than tomorrow will be,” Stanich said.  

But Stanich said honoring her son's memory, along with memories of the other victims helps her cope with her grief. 

WATCH: Names of each victim killed in Santa Fe HS shooting called at vigil 

Hundreds lit their candles in a vigil honoring the Santa Fe shooting victims one by one at the Galveston County Fairgrounds.

Santa Fe Mayor Jason Tabor spoke at the vigil addressing the community of Santa Fe and the victim’s families. Tabor dedicated May 18 as the day of resilience in the city.

“So here we are a year later on his day of remembrance. We started as Santa Fe strong and now I know we are Santa Fe stronger. I have worn this 10 angels (pin) this entire year for the 10 angels because they keep me going,” Tabor said.