'Never seemed to have any sick thoughts': Father of rape suspect talks about his son

The mug shot of Carlos Eduardo Guevara (L) and his father, Jose Carlos Guevara.
The mug shot of Carlos Eduardo Guevara (L) and his father, Jose Carlos Guevara. (KPRC2)

HOUSTON – Carlos Eduardo Guevara's father, Jose Carlos Guevara, talked Friday about the charges his son is facing.

Carlos Eduardo Guevara, 18, was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a string of rapes between Pasadena and Missouri City.

Investigators said Carlos Guevara raped at least two women.

What happened?

Pasadena police said Carlos Guevara picked his victims as they were leaving Fitness Connection gyms. Investigators said he previously worked out at the Fitness Connection at the intersection of Fondren Road and Bissonnet Street.

The first attack happened on April 1. The rape victim told investigators she left the gym around 11:45 p.m. and was confronted by Carlos Guevara as she pulled up to her Missouri City home.

Carlos Guevara wore a black ski mask to hide his identity during the attacks, police said. Police said the mask was recovered from his home after his arrest.

Earlier this week, while police were alerting the public of the assailant, they told the public to be aware of a green Ford Mustang with a unique front-side panel. A Crime Stoppers tip led investigators to a Southwest Houston home Thursday.

When police apprehended Carlos Guevara, they said he had sandpaper and paint swatches in his pocket that he was using in an attempt to alter his vehicle.

Father speaks

Jose Guevara said he is confused by the situation and can't believe his son would commit such heinous crimes.

The interview responses have been translated from Spanish to English.

"I don't know what is happening and what my son is being accused of doing because I brought him to the United States to study. I really don't know what is happening," Jose Guevara said in an interview on Friday.

When he was told that his son confessed to the crimes, Jose Guevara was shocked.

"I don't believe it because I consider my son a different person. I work to give him everything, and honestly, I don't believe this is happening. He doesn't drink or do drugs in front of me. I work in Dallas and give everything to him so he doesn't work," he said.

Set to graduate

He said his son was going to graduate from high school in May and had a girlfriend.

"He had a girlfriend. He would leave my house and go by his girlfriend's house on his way to school, then go to his girlfriend's house after school and return home at around 10 or 11 at night. I don't understand this if he had a girlfriend," Jose Guevara said.

Jose Guevara said the car was found close to where his son's girlfriend lived.

Addressing text message, ski mask claims

When asked about the police report saying that his son sent him a text message about the crimes, Jose Guevara said he believed it was someone else committing the crimes.

"He sent me a screenshot of the news story. Then I saw it. I believed it was someone else, but then he was caught and I don't understand," he said.

He denied the police account that they found a ski mask and a gun in his son's room on Thursday.

"Yesterday, I came from Dallas and police were at the apartment, and I gave them permission to search the whole apartment because I don't believe my son is capable of doing these things. They did not have a piece of paper to search, and only found some old phones I had," Jose Guevara said.

'Never seemed to have any sick thoughts'

He said he talked to his son every day and told him to study and learn English so he wouldn't have to work in construction as he does.

"I spoke with my son like a friend and a father. He never seemed to have any sick thoughts to me. He did not even look at porn on his phone, which is a sick thing. I don't believe this, but the news says otherwise," Jose Guevara said. "I want to see him, talk to him and ask him how I failed. We're not perfect, and I tried to do everything. I don't know how I failed."

Jose Guevara said he and his son live with his mother, and they share a room. He said Carlos Guevara is his only son and he has a daughter in El Salvador.

"My message to him is that I love him very much," he said. "He knows I'm a good dad ... It hurts me to know what he is going through because I see him as a baby. A child."