Timeline of Santa Fe High School shooting

SANTA FE, Texas – A gunman surrendered to authorities about 25 minutes after opening fire at Santa Fe High School on May 18, 2018, according to officials.

In the span of a half-hour, 10 people were killed and 13 others were injured.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said school resource officers engaged Dimitrios Pagourtzis within four minutes of the first gunshots.

Trochesset said those officers were able to keep Pagourtzis contained to one room of the school as more officers arrived and searched the entire campus. Trochesset said approximately 25 minutes after first encountering Pagourtzis, he surrendered.

Trochesset said during that time officers negotiated with Pagourtzis.

“There was verbal, ‘Sheriff’s Office, come out with your hands up,’ that type of stuff,” Trochesset said.

Trochesset said there was a minimal amount of gunfire from officers, but declined to go into further detail.

The timeline below uses court records, information released by officials and reporting from both KPRC2 and NBC News to show how the massacre unfolded.

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