Drug dealing duo busted for second time in less than 2 months, deputies say

Joshua Camposano and Ariel Garza
Joshua Camposano and Ariel Garza (KPRC2)

NEW CANEY, Texas – A pair of accused drug dealers are facing a slew of charges after authorities said they were busted for the second time in less than two months.

Joshua Camposano and Ariel Garza were arrested the first time on March 21 at a residence in the 21000 block of Mexican John Road. Deputies said they were in possession of cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and hundreds of prescription pills. Deputies seized $9,000 in cash.

The duo was tagged with several drug-related and money-laundering charges.

In early May, deputies said they got a tip that Camposano, 19, and Garza, 21, were selling drugs out of an apartment in the 25000 block of Loop 494.

Early Friday morning, deputies executed another search warrant and said they found 14 grams of cocaine, 300 ecstasy pills, over 100 alprazolam pills and almost 10 ounces of marijuana.

Both Camposano and Garza were again taken into custody and hit with numerous charges.