It's-a me, Mario! 'Mushroom Rally' will bring 'Mario Kart' to real life in Houston

(Mushroom Rally)

HOUSTON – It's-a me, Mario!

"Mario Kart" is coming to real life thanks to the "Mushroom Rally."

We've all played the game, where you race around a track in a go-kart with your favorite character, but now, you'll be able to dress up as your favorite character and race a real go-kart.

At K1 Speed at 14900 Northwest Freeway on Saturday, Houstonians will be able to race around a customized, themed, closed track dressed as their favorite characters.

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Tickets are $40 to $55 per person and are available on Eventbrite. Click here for more information.

The tickets include access to costumes, races, the chance to win prizes and an after-party.

One winner from each city will win a trip to Las Vegas to race in the grand finale with a chance to win the Mushroom Rally USA title.