Sugar Land family recovering after getting over 18 inches of water in new home

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Some families were recovering Thursday morning after water flooded their Sugar Land homes on Tuesday.

“We had anywhere from 18 to 22 inches inside the house,” said Troy Bryant.

Bryant and his family moved into the home a year ago. 

“When we bought it, we completely gutted and remodeled, so it’s a brand new house,” he said. “We just did this a year ago and so time to build again.”

Over a foot of water went into the Bryant family home. It was in and out in two hours.

“As quick as it came, it was gone, but just enough to do the damage,” Bryant said.

On Wednesday, their chairs, couches and other furniture sat in the front yard, like trash.

Storms hit the Sugar Land area hard on Tuesday, especially in the Greatwood subdivision.

“(My wife) was really stressed. The water was about to come in the back door,” he said.

Bryant said his wife was home alone with their daughter when the storm hit.

“She got all of our personal belongings and was able to go across the street to the neighbors. It’s a lot higher than our house,” said Bryant. 

They’ve already started the cleaning process, setting up fans to dry out the empty rooms.

“We’ll come in and pull sheetrock off in the morning. (We'll) pull the floor up and start getting water out of the house,” Bryant said. “It was one thing that we really weren’t planning on dealing with.”

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