'One of the most selfish crimes': Underage drunk driver causes fatal crash, authorities say

HOUSTON – One person was killed after a head-on collision caused by an underage drunk driver in southwest Houston, police said. 

According to authorities, the crash happened around 2:30 a.m. Thursday on South Main Street near Hiram Clarke Road.

Police said a 19-year-old man, identified as Trevor Bergin, was driving the wrong way on South Main when he hit an oncoming vehicle.

The second vehicle burst into flames with the driver trapped inside, authorities said.

A good Samaritan stopped and tried to help the driver but was unable to get the person out. That person died, police said.

Houston police said the victim is a 40-year-old man. Relatives at his Sugar Land home did not wish to identify him because not all of his family members had been notified of his death.

While the good Samaritan was trying to help the driver of the second vehicle, Bergin attempted to steal the good Samaritan’s vehicle, but it was locked so he took off on foot, authorities said.

"Thankfully the car was locked and he just ran down the road, one of our witnesses followed him and brought him back to the scene," said Sean Teare, with the Vehicular Crimes Unit Chief with the DA's office.

Police said Bergin was transported to a hospital.

Teare said drunk driving is "one of the most selfish crimes out there."

"The worst thing about being on these scenes is knowing that some family is going to get the worst call of their entire life or the worst call visit from an HPD officer in the next few hours," Teare said. "I cannot imagine ever getting that call, but knowing that's what's about to happen, it should focus all of us on getting as much justice as we can for these families."

Prosecutors believe Bergin was served at a local bar, but have not yet identified that business.

"If in fact, he did get alcohol from an establishment, other people could face charges in this case," Teare said.

In a tweet posted last July when Bergin was 18 years old, he wrote, "first day sober-- let's get it."

Bergin is charged with intoxication manslaughter.

If convicted of both charges, Bergin could face 30 years in prison. 

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