Is your name Archie and were you born on May 6? Here's how to claim your free piece of Scotland

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pose with their newborn son.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pose with their newborn son. (Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

HOUSTON – All who share the name Archie and birth date of May 6 with royal Baby Sussex can receive their own plot of land in Scotland starting Wednesday. 

Highland Titles, a land preservation company, is celebrating the royal's birth with the land from its nature reserve in Glencoe Wood, and extending the courtesy title of Lord of Glencoe to the recipient, making all eligible new babies (and older Archies, too) honorary royalty.

Highland Titles said in a news release that it will be providing free plots of land to each person born on May 6 named Archie while supplies last and no purchase is necessary. In order to redeem the plot, Archies or parents of Archies must email royalbaby@highlandtitles.com with a copy of the birth certificate and a valid U.S. shipping address. 

The Highland Titles gift, the company explained in its news release, is all about land conservation:  “Over the last thousand years, the forests throughout Scotland have been destroyed by industry and farming – in fact, only 1% of the native woodland remains today,” the company release reads. “With the priority of eco-conservation initiatives increasing across the globe, Highland Titles has created a new approach to Scottish land conservation by selling small plots to help fund the rescuing of woodlands, tree planting, maintenance and acquisition of land at risk of development – ensuring it cannot be purchased or developed.” 
“We are very excited to be able to gift souvenir plots of land in celebration of the royal family’s newest addition,” said Lord Stephen Rossiter, sales and marketing director of Highland Titles. “Since Prince Archie’s parents understand and champion for the importance of land conservation and eco-friendly initiatives, this is a great way for us to contribute to the global conservation effort. Much more than just a fun title of Lord and Lady, Highland Titles is an eco-gift that gives back to mother earth by funding our woodland preservation efforts. With this promotion, all parents who’ve given birth this week can feel like royalty and do their part to celebrate the new prince and preserve the Scottish Highlands.”
Each successful applicant will receive:
•    The courtesy title of Lord Archie of Glencoe
•    A high quality, full color, gift folder containing documentation
•    A title deed for land ownership on velum parchment
•    Instructions on how to visit and find individual plots
•    Information and pictures of the area, Glencoe Wood and other conservation projects
•    A bumper sticker to display the new status of Lord or Lady
Highland Titles’ plot sizes range from one square foot to 1,000 square feet and are available for purchase starting at under $50. Upon purchasing a plot of land, the buyer is then granted the courtesy use of Lord, Laird or Lady of Glencoe. For more information on Highland Titles, visit this site.

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