Massive tree falls onto Spring home after severe storm

SPRING, Texas – A massive, 25-foot tree fell onto a home in Spring after Friday night’s storms. The family who lives in the home say their loved ones moved out of the way just in time. 

“She was sitting right here in this couch,” Maria Rodriguez, who lives in the home, said.

Rodriguez was referring to her granddaughter, who she said happened to be sitting right where the tree fell, penetrating the window and ceiling of their home. Rodriguez said her father had moved the little girl shortly after they heard glass shatter.

“They were talking, and it was raining. We thought it was only raining, but we heard a big noise,” Rodriguez said.

That noise was their neighbor’s giant tree falling, uprooting from the ground.

“It rains but nothing like this happened before,” Rodriguez said. 

The neighbors told Rodriguez and KPRC that they felt terrible about what happened and are taking care of it. Meanwhile, water is leaking from the ceiling from the branches penetrating through the windows and roof.

“We have to fix this because it looks terrible over here,” Rodriguez said.

However, Rodriguez said she is counting her blessings.

“We’re glad that nothing happened to anyone in the house,” Rodriguez said. “The only one who saved them is God, because if the tree hit my dad and my granddaughter, this would be a different story.”