'This is it': Third day of mediation ends with no Prop B resolution

HOUSTON – Despite the hopes of a resolution, on the third day of court-ordered mediation between the mayor and firefighters union regarding Prop B, no deal was reached.

"But I will tell you that the city went beyond what we put on the table it’s unfortunate that it was not accepted," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

Turner said that in order to honor the mediation process, he couldn’t get into specifics.

He plans to release the latest details on Friday morning.

"I’ll take the time to explain to you what we offered. And it’s unfortunate is what I will tell you," Turner said.

On the same day mediation talks appear to have fallen apart, several firefighters parked outside Houston Fire Department headquarters as they met with Fire Chief Samuel Pena.

Many of them had just received an email to let them know they’ll be jobless on June 30 after City Council approved 220 layoffs.

It was a move the mayor said was necessary to implement a voter-approved Prop B and the $100 million for pay parity for firefighters.

Firefighter union representatives had no comment when leaving Thursday evenings talks.

When asked if there would be any future meetings, the mayor's answer was pretty simple: "This is it."

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