Fifth grade students exposed to F-word on STAAR test


LUMBERTON, Texas – Fifth grade Lumberton Independent School District students were exposed to multiple vulgar words on a STAAR test a couple of weeks ago.

At least one student reported the test contained the F-word on one of the parts of the test.

The Texas Education Agency apologized for the incident and said there were two vulgar words "in very small lettering" in images of a graffiti park.

Lumberton is about 15 miles north of Beaumont.

Here is the TEA's statement:

"A passage with embedded images of a graffiti park appeared as part of field testing for some fifth-grade Texas students. After the test was administered, TEA discovered that two of the included images contained vulgar words in very small lettering. This is in no way acceptable or appropriate, and we deeply regret that these images appeared on the test. We apologize to all our parents and students, and in the spirit of continuous improvement, we pledge to ensure this issue never occurs again.”