'Clearly see her breasts': Principal holds PTSO meeting over parent dress code


HOUSTON – Madison High School Principal Carlotta Brown’s decision to implement a dress code for parents set off a national debate.

On Tuesday night, the first meeting of the Parent Teacher Student Organization was held at the school.

Parents can no longer come on campus wearing pajamas, leggings, curlers, short dresses, low-cut tops, shower caps or shower bonnets. There's also a long list of prohibited clothing.

Brown instituted the dress code shortly after taking the job at Madison last month.

"A parent came and she had a see-through top on and you could clearly see her breasts and nipples and she wanted to walk through the school. The next parent came. She had a thong on and low-riding jeans. She wanted to walk through the school. So, when the third parent came, it needed to be addressed," Brown said.

Brown said she received overwhelming support for the dress code. Parents said they don’t have a problem with it.

“I’m fine with it,” Francis Ford said. “I put on appropriate clothes so I don’t have a problem with it.”

“I mean, parents should have the common sense to come to your child’s school dressed properly,” Denise Collins said.

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