'We pray for them': Houston honors victims of synagogue shooting

HOUSTON – It was a show of solidarity a chance to heal and honor.

Dozens of people turned out at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center near Meyerland to remember the victims in the California synagogue attack last weekend. They felt they needed to be together.

"Whenever you hear such a tragedy you feel, 'What can I do?' A person feels the need to react," Mendy Marinovsky said. "And when granted with an opportunity to react and to show, you must."

They also know that no religion is shielded from this type of tragedy.

"When something like this happens you have to be brought together to show we're all there for each other no matter where around the world you are," Sarah Weinberg said. "And no matter where it happened or to who. It could've been to a church or a mosque."

Everyone who was present could recount what they felt when they first heard the news of another attack at a place of worship. A place where people should feel safe.

"It's a tragic event and it brings us closer together," Dennis Weinberg said. "We sympathize. We pray for them."

But many, such as Dennis Weinberg, say they are feeling anything but secure.

"It's not safe anymore," he said. "I'm one who never used to look over my shoulder but now I have to be cognizant of the environment I am in."

The environment on Monday was one of support and resolve. All who attended were encouraged to pledge and post mitzvahs -- or good deeds -- to help the healing process. They believe another simple step is taking the time to get to know the individuals who make up a community.

"Most of hatred comes from lack of education, understanding of where the other person is coming from," Marinovsky said.

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