Residents fed up with sewage in parking lots

Solid pieces of human waste, toilet paper littered parking lot

HOUSTON – A homeowner at Three Fountains Condominiums is fed up with a stinky situation of raw sewage entering the parking lot.

Cassie Wilson bought her condo a year ago. Her complex attaches to Three Fountains Apartments.  The property line for the apartments start across from her parking spot.

Wilson said for several months, most recently in the last two weeks, solid pieces of human waste and toilet paper have littered the parking lot.

"It’s horrible. I live in a corner unit right in front of it. You can smell it inside your house,” Wilson said. “I mean, this is human solid -- solid human waste. It’s upsetting that this is my surroundings I have to see after I come home from a long day.”

She said last week the waste sat for several days before a maintenance worker used a hose and broom to wash the sewage away onto the neighboring street, which is Fountain View Drive.

Wilson said the problem started again on Sunday and into Monday, and the waste was washed down with a hose.

“No kind of sanitation of any kind has happened when this has gone on," she said. "They just hose it into the street and move on. It’s going through the gate, down into the street. There’s children that walk past there. Everyone that lives here and anywhere around this block is walking their dog back and forth past there.”

Where is the problem coming from?