69-year-old 'Granny Hulk' sets weightlifting record

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Off the beaten path, inside a warehouse building in North Little Rock, Arkansas a world-record deadlifter rocks pink Converse shoes.

Sharie Mobley is standing proof that age is only a mindset.

"When you're retired, you have the opportunity," she says.

She's known as the Granny Hulk, deadlifting 305 pounds and setting records in her class and division.

"It's my motivation. It's what keeps me going. To sit at home, I couldn't do it," says Mobley.

The 69-year-old broke the all-time world record in the deadlift for her class/division when the 123-pound grandmother of ten pulled an incredible 305 pounds at a sanctioned Powerlifting meet in Little Rock. 

Mobley says she started going to the gym when she turned 60.

Lifting to offset osteoporosis, Mobley says she couldn't sit around and do normal granny things.

"Dogs are their lives or playing cards or reading and that's just not my thing," she explains.

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