Students' 3D crosswalk aims to slow cars

MEDFORD, Mass. – A crosswalk in Medford, Massachusetts appears to rise up off the street.

It was a safety idea thought up by two elementary students.

The crosswalk makes you stop and think-- with the emphasis on the stop.

It's an amazing illusion painted on the driveway of the brooks elementary school in medford-- pops right up at you.

And that will encourage drivers leaving the school to stop.

The unique crosswalk is the brainchild of Eric and Isa.

They wanted to do something when Eric's brother had a close call with a car

"We were thinking of a way we could do something to help make the street safer," Isa said.

The kids are part of the Center for Citizenship in Medford-- an organization that encourages young people to get involved.

"I think it's great. It certainly would make me stop," said Mike Coates a teacher.

Coates is an advisor for the center. He says the kids worked with the city's bureaucracy to make the project happen.

"This is a great example of them sticking to an idea, and going through all the steps and talking, in this case, to all the adults and all the powers that be," he said.

It took a year before the project got the green light.

"Books don't teach you this. Civic engagement is something that you see happen. You see success, and then you try to emulate it and do more," said Medford Mayor Stephanie Burke.

The actual painting was done by artist Nate Swain.

The city plans to add 3D crosswalks to the other three elementary schools in Medford by this summer.