Woman carjacked at gunpoint outside EastSide University in east Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is recounting the terrifying moment she was carjacked at gunpoint by two men earlier Tuesday.

The entire crime was caught on surveillance video at the 3600 block of Holman near Alabama Avenue and Scott Street in the Third Ward.

In the video, Jackie Aguilera can be seen removing something in the trunk of her black Hyundai Accent. That's when two men in hoodies appear -- one armed with a handgun that he places at Aguilera's head.

"There was this certain peace that, 'I've lived my life in service,'" Aguilera recalls from that moment. "That if, what I've done in this earth ends today, that's OK."

Ironically, the surveillance video comes from cameras at the learning center where Aguilera serves as president. Even more ironic -- the work she does is designed to give people options besides a life of crime.

"So they don't choose criminal activity," she said. "So they instead have a GED, or they have computer skills or language skills. So they can get a job and contribute to the community."

The two men in the video are doing anything but. They stay close to Aguilera in order to not draw any attention. The one with the gun gets her keys and gets behind the wheel, then drives off. That's when his partner runs away.

Aguilera is thankful and instead of condemnation is determined to continue her mission and has a message for her carjackers.

"There's a second chance in life. This is the life they had to live," she said. "There are alternatives and they can choose those and become positive, productive members in the community."

HPD was able to catch up to and arrest the driver who took Aguilera's car. At last check, the second suspect was still on the run.

Aguilera's learning center is hosting an already-planned breakfast fundraiser to further their goals. If you would like to attend or contribute, here is the location:

  • Eastside University Champions For Literacy Breakfast Fundraiser
  • 3rd Ward Multi-Service Center
  • 3611 Ennis St.
  • Houston 77004
  • 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
  • $50 per person

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