Perfect strangers: Intimate shots of faux Houston-area couple leave social media wanting more

(Eye Rock Photography)

HOUSTON – Two people posing for a photo shoot showing kissing, hand-holding and gentle butt-grabbing were actually strangers, according to a Houston photographer’s now-viral Facebook post. 

The photos show Mckenzie Marie Stalter, of Houston, and Matt Tabor, of Sealy smiling, laughing and cuddling together in what appears to be a couple’s photo shoot. 

Eye Rock Photography said in its post that the pair posed after just 10 minutes of small talk.

"It's really crazy that it's blown up," photographer Danielle Esparza told KPRC. "We had a lot of fun."

The comments on the Facebook post have gone wild over the “couple,” with Stalter herself joining in with digital laughter when fans suggested they need more progress beyond a lunch date and promised dinner date.

"Oh my gosh. They definitely need to be a couple," Lindsey Godwin Summers wrote on one of the photos. "They are so natural."

Another, Jackee Beeby wrote: "I want this couple to hook up for real!"

And for the record -- Stalter lists herself as single on her Facebook page. Tabor doesn't list his relationship status.


Strangers... That's right, these two were complete strangers and had never met until the shoot! They had about 10...

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