KPRC2 gets answers for residents displaced by apartment fire

HOUSTON – A fire at the Huntington Apartments on Saturday was confined to a single building, but the damage was extensive.

Eight apartments sustained fire, smoke and water damage.

So far, the burned out renters say they haven’t been allowed back into their apartments to recover anything that might remain and they were not satisfied with the explanation they were getting from the apartment managers.

So, Jo Calhoun called KPRC2 because she desperately wants to go in to look for precious family photos that can’t be replaced.

"They said it was the fire marshal. They said it was a crime scene now," Calhoun said. "They told us just to wait. They couldn’t do nothing until the fire marshal gave them the OK."

"They said (it's) too dangerous. They told us they would give us the green light on Monday. Today, Wednesday, we still haven’t heard anything," Sharon McGee said.

The assistant manager at the apartment echoed Calhoun, saying the units remained off-limits by order of the fire marshal.

The story changed after KPRC2 checked with the fire marshal.

We were told the apartments had been returned to the care and keeping of the apartment management the day of the fire.

So, we went back to the assistant manager and were told this time that the residents were being kept out to allow insurance adjusters to go through the building.

The assistant manager said the job was expected to be done Wednesday so residents would be allowed back in Thursday morning.

Calhoun and her neighbors said that will be soon enough.

"Thank you, because they didn’t do anything until you got here, sir. Believe that," Calhoun said to KPRC2 reporter Phil Archer. "We are satisfied. I couldn’t have done this by myself."

The residents are hoping to beat the weather and get in by Thursday morning. Rain is expected to move into the Houston area overnight.