Shower shooting fueled by rage, beer and cocaine, suspect says

HOUSTON – The man accused of shooting another man several times while he was in the shower was arrested Thursday and appeared before a judge early Friday morning.

According to authorities, Edwin Figueroa, 23, somehow got into 22-year-old Rafael Serrano Nuñez’s apartment on Thursday and shot him multiple times while he was showering. 

Serrano Nuñez was rushed to a hospital where he later died, but before he died, he identified Figueroa as his shooter, police said.

According to Figueroa, Serrano Nuñez was having an affair with his wife, so he beat Serrano Nuñez up, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Figueroa told police he was still angry after the altercation, so he "bought a pistol, drank some beer, took some cocaine and went to the complainant's apartment and shot him several times in the shower.”

According to family members, Figueroa and Serrano Nuñez worked together in roofing.

Figueroa has been in the U.S. for 13 years but is not a citizen. 

Figueroa was charged with murder. His bond was set at $100,000.

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