Boy given extra Adderall dose by substitute school nurse

ALVIN, Texas – A mother is demanding answers after she said her son was given an extra dose of Adderall at school.

She said she had already given her 9-year-old his medication that morning and then a substitute nurse gave him more, which she said resulted in an emergency trip to his doctor.

The Alvin Independent School District confirmed the mistake.

Koby is Kelly Daisy's youngest child.

"Great kid, very smart," she said of Koby. "He's 9, full of energy."

He's a movie buff, loves video games, and of course, he's crazy about mom.

Doctors prescribed Koby Adderall to help him concentrate, Daisy said.

For the most part, there's a system in place for when and how he takes it, but last week while Koby was at school, Daisy said the system failed.

"I got a phone call from the school, saying my kid was low on medicine, and I questioned it because he should not be low. Then she told me she gave him the 25 milligram Adderall, which should not have been given. It was for emergency only," Daisy said.

Daisy said a substitute nurse is who called and is also the one who gave Koby the Adderall. The problem is, he already had his dosage that morning.

She said she'd given the school instructions on when to give Koby the drug.

"It clearly stated on the paperwork, 'Do not give without calling mom. Only given at home, only administer it after checking with mom,'" Daisy said.

Daisy said she went to school to check on Koby.

"(He) couldn't focus. Couldn't calm down, then he was complaining his head was hurting, his stomach was very upset. He was very nauseous," Daisy said.

From school, they rushed to the pediatrician over fears he'd go into cardiac arrest.

It took Koby over a day to calm down.

"A sub can just be in there that has no clue on how to give meds, administer meds to kids," Daisy said.

Alvin ISD sent this statement on the matter:

"The safety and well being of our students remains the unrelenting priority of Alvin ISD.

"Although we are limited in our ability to speak about the specifics of an individual child, we will confirm this past Friday, one of our elementary students was administered their prescription medication while at school; however, they had already received the medication at home. Through conversations with the parent, it became clear the child should not have received the dose while at school and additional steps should have been taken to verify whether or not the child was in need of the medication.

"Alvin ISD conducted an investigation to determine where the breakdown of procedure occurred. Decisive action has been taken to ensure the involved staff member will no longer be in the capacity to administer medication to students. Additionally, efforts have been taken to ensure appropriate staff members know and adhere to the established procedures for administering medication.

"As the child returned to school, Alvin ISD officials have remained in contact with the family, and through our actions, we will strive to regain the trust of this child and their family. With sincerity, we extend our regret and apologies to the family for this event occurring while the child was in our care."