Video shows Rosenberg storage facility thefts

HOUSTON – Rosenberg police arrested a suspected burglar after he was caught on surveillance video stealing from a storage facility.

The burglar broke into the Rosenberg Storage Facility on two consecutive nights, said Jonathan White, Rosenberg police chief.

White said that man used bolt cutters to break into 15 separate storage units. Surveillance video showed the thief walked around with box cutters and one shoe on before he loaded up a significant amount of property into a moving truck and drove off.  

VIDEO: Rosenberg storage facility thefts full video

“He took anything from musical equipment to tools, pictures, we found a lot of trinkets that looked like they had sentimental value,” White said.

White said that investigators found the suspected burglar three days later driving in the truck with all of the property still inside. Police arrested Jacob Ray Coker on a burglary charge.

Police said he admitted to the crime and they were able to return some of the stolen items to the owners. 

"The majority of the property we were able to give back to the rightful owners, several thousand dollars worth of property -- everything from tools to musical equipment was returned,” White said. 

According to White, the moving truck that the suspect was driving was also reported stolen. Coker is accused of using a stolen ID to rent the vehicle. 

“There are a few other agencies that are looking at similar incidents that occurred. The truck was reported stolen out of Corpus Christi so we know that he was traveling between Houston and Corpus Christi within this time frame.”

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