HS students caught having sex in front of classmates, parent says

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Parents are in shock after word spread that two Foster High School students were caught having sex in front of other classmates on Wednesday.

In a message to parents, the school’s principal said, “Two students were caught engaging in inappropriate activity on school grounds in view of a large number of students.”

The Lamar Consolidated Independent School District said two students were caught “acting inappropriately” outside the building and the two teens were “found sitting together under a blanket.”

“We got an email from the school just stating that there was a disturbance that happened this morning and I questioned my daughter, ‘What’s going on?’" a mother, who asked KPRC to conceal her identity, said. She has two children who attend Foster.

She said her daughter told her that two students were seen having sex outside the cafeteria.

“It was disappointing. I just couldn’t believe it,” the mother said.

She said her kids told her there was a crowd of students who could see the act through cafeteria windows.

“It just really makes you wonder what’s going on in the schools and why kids are stooping to this level,” the mother said. “Foster is a great high school. They're acknowledged for their sports, their academics, and then you hear about something like this and unfortunately it’s going to get publicized, and kids are going to pay the price for what they did.”

Lamar CISD said that the Rosenberg Police Department filed charges of public lewdness for the Fort Bend County District Attorney to review.

The mother said that while what happened is upsetting, it doesn’t change her opinion of the school.

“An unfortunate event for Foster High School, but it’s a great school academically and for sports, but this is just a little set back that I’m sure we can get past,” the mother said.

Principal Jerry Kipping sent a letter to parents that read in part:

"I wanted to make you aware of a campus disruption that occurred this morning. Two students were caught engaging in inappropriate activity on school grounds in view of a large number of students. The students were immediately identified and the administration team is working to respond appropriately in accordance with Lamar CISD's Student Code of Conduct. The campus is operating normally at this time."