Deer Park residents remain concerned in aftermath of ITC fire

DEER PARK, Texas – Nearly three weeks after the start of the ITC inferno, many families in Deer Park said they don't feel the same.

Teri Garcia’s health concerns have prevented her children from going back to school.

“I kept them home. I sent my daughter to school right up until 10 o’clock when she would be counted for the full day and then we got her home,” she told Channel 2 Investigates.

After seeing what she saw in the skies overhead for days, Garcia has reservations over where things currently stand. ITC has a website, ITCresponse.com, that is putting out updates.

Here is their tank farm status as of 9:15 a.m. Thursday: “9 tanks secured, 3 targeted for removal and 3 with base oil product, which poses a low risk to the community.”

"We need answers to a lot of these questions,” Diana Diaz said.

Last Friday, she and her children checked into a local emergency room for seven hours.

“My son couldn’t breathe,” Diaz said.

Some concerns are being examined from a legal standpoint while others are to be expressed at the state capitol Friday.

Garcia said it's difficult for many in the working-class community to simply drop everything and travel to Austin for the day.

“If you want our facts and our opinions and what really happened to us while we were here, you need to have it here,” she said.