Former adult day care manager accused of stealing from disabled client


HOUSTON – A former area manager at an adult day care business in Northwest Houston is accused of stealing from a disabled client. 

Thelta Cheree Rollins, 46, is charged with exploitation of disabled individual who investigators said was a client at the day care.

The 40-year-old victim is described in court documents as an incapacitated resident in a facility in the 9700 block of West Gulf Bank Road in northwest Houston.

In June 2017, Rollins was an area manager for ResCare, overseeing several group homes, according to those documents. Though the victim was at a home which Rollins did not oversee, court documents indicate that Rollins took him to the Wells Fargo Bank on Davis Street in Conroe and told him that she would open up a debit card account for him. Investigators said Rollins set up a direct deposit function for the check that the victim would earn from his job as a greeter at Walmart.

Investigators asked the victim if he asked Rollins to help him open an account.

"No, she told me she was going to do it for me," he said to investigators, according to court documents.

Officials said Rollins was not authorized to help the victim open an account. The document indicates that the victim told investigators that Rollins had promised to give him "about $20-30 every two weeks."

Investigators said Rollins attempted to charge more than $6,000 for items like makeup, gas, groceries, as well as multiple hotel reservations -- including a $1587.16 stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter and a $266.07 stay at a Holiday Inn.

In April 2018, ResCare managers set out to confront Rollins with what happened, according to documents. Instead, investigators said the managers found that she was gone and had put in a letter of resignation.

The investigation led deputies to a luxury travel website, in part, reading, "Meet your dream travel agent Cheree Rollins."

Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies have a warrant out for her arrest.