Plant fire impact on nearby families, communities in Crosby

CROSBY, Texas – The KMCO plant fire had a big impact on several nearby communities and school districts -- some were even forced to shelter-in-place for hours.

Parents were finally able to pick up their children after Crosby and Sheldon Independent School Districts lifted their shelter-in-place at 2:15 p.m.

Although they knew their children were OK, they said they’re still concerned about their children’s safety.

"And then my daughter is texting me, like, 'What’s going on? What’s with the fire?' and I’m, like, 'It’s a chemical plant fire again,'" said parent Julie Maness.

Parents said they knew their children were safe at a school, but with the smoke coming from a neighboring chemical plant, they worried about the long-term effect the chemical would have on their children.

"That’s a big concern for my kids. It might not affect them now but in the long run, if they get sick this is what’s gonna be the cause of it," said Monica Martinez, a mother of three.

As the school districts lifted their shelter-in-place Tuesday afternoon, parents began lining up to pick their children up from school. They say they applaud administrators for helping to keep them at ease through constant communication.

"We were definitely worried but we were staying in contact with teachers and the staff here. You know they sent out notices," said parent John Mills.

Crosby ISD has canceled all afternoon activities, but Channelview Independent School District said theirs will go on as scheduled.