Petsitter accused of abusing couple's dog in Katy

KATY, Texas – Pet owners in Katy have a warning for others after they said their dog was abused at the hands of someone who was supposed to care for it.

Christine Martinez and Diana Lopez said that they are very protective of their schnauzers, Donovan and Maddie. They said the dogs had a rough start to life before they were adopted from the animal shelter. 

“These are our babies. They aren’t just dogs, they are our babies,” Lopez said.

She said that when a friend referred them to a petsitter, they thought that their pets were in good hands.

“You never would think he was the kind of person that would hurt anybody,” Lopez said.

After about a month under the care of Alvaro Javier Martinez, the two said they had a feeling that something was wrong when their dog, Maddie, started having accidents in the house and behaving oddly. 

They set up cameras in the home, the next day when they went to work, they watched their surveillance app in terror. 

“We didn’t know the horror that was happening in our own home,” Christine Martinez said.

In the video, you can hear the dog yelp in distress.

“When he started beating her, we went straight home,”

The two rushed home, called the police and confronted the petsitter.

Photos show the injuries.

A veterinarian's medical report showed that the dog had bruises over her body, difficulty swallowing and soft tissue trauma due to abuse. According to the probable cause affidavit, the Harris County Assistant District Attorney cited Alvaro Javier Martinez with an animal cruelty offense.

Maddie's injuries have healed, but her owners said she is still leery around strangers. Lopez said that she cautions other pet owners to do their homework before letting someone into their home.

The investigation was referred to the animal crimes unit.

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