15-year-old crashes truck into southwest Houston home, police say

HOUSTON – A southwest Houston family says they are counting their blessings after no one was injured when an underage driver crashed a pickup truck into their home.

Houston Police said the driver was 15 years old with no driver's license and should not have been behind the wheel. 

Police said he was apparently driving a truck that belonged to his friend's parents when he crashed into the home on Clarewood Drive in southwest Houston. 

Meanwhile, the family said they're trying to clean up the mess, figure out where they're going to live next. They are grateful no one was killed. 

"We're just thankful that we're all OK," the tenant said. 

The tenant did not want to go on camera but he did want to tell Channel 2 his story.

He said he was sleeping when he heard a loud crash early Friday morning. He thought it was a car crash outside but then he walked out to his living room and saw a gaping hole on the side of his house. But that's not what shook him the most. 

"Sometimes, at least two times a week, I sleep on the sofa in the living room. Luckily, tonight I didn't or else the debris from the break in the wall would have shattered my face or killed me for sure," said the tenant. 

We went to the home the red pickup truck was registered to and tried to get more answers. The person who responded to us only through his ring doorbell camera did not seem to know what was going on. 

Channel 2's Sofia Ojeda asked, "Do you have a red truck because that truck is registered to this address?" 

"No, I have a black truck. I don't have a red truck I never owned a red truck sorry wrong person ma'am," said the homeowner. 

Police are still trying to figure out what exactly caused that teen to crash. He did not have a license and should not have been on the road, but police add he was not intoxicated. The juvenile is being charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. 

As for the family, they are not looking for another place to live. They said this crash will cost them thousands of dollars.

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